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by La Dolce Vita Concept Store

Bosa Most Illustrious Achille Castiglioni

Most Illustrious Achille Castiglioni opens the collection of the masters of design by Elena Salmistraro for Bosa.Most Illustrious is a tribute and a thank you to the masters of Italian design, a collection of three-dimensional figures made by Bosa in ceramic, finely decorated with colored glazes.
Totemic objects that add characterizing features of designers and works that have made them known in the world, to underline the unique relationship that arises between the designer and his projects: “we are what we create”.
The Most Illustrious Collection of the design masters of Elena Salmistraro for Bosa begins with: Achille Castiglioni, for whom the centenary of his birth was celebrated in 2018, and continues with Riccardo Dalisi, Michele De Lucchi and Alessandro Mendini.