Collection: Bernardo Medina

The painter and sculptor, Bernardo Medina, was a creative director of advertising while secretly working as a plastic artist. The axis of the works of this artist is his passion for Puerto Rico, his sign of personal identity and that of his work. An abstract work that can be said to be ascribed to the new Pop Art Latino.

Its base of inspiration can be from tropical fruit, typical sweets, pica de pica horses or coffee houses, with all this it builds a very interesting creative universe, colourful and impregnated with Caribbean details. At the same time, he integrates objects that he finds during his travels in his paintings. After some collective exhibitions in 2008, Azar became his first solo exhibition, his career began to dawn at international level exhibiting in New York, Miami and Puerto Rico different collections such as "Fly Away, Candy Me, Cafetín, Banana".

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