Collection: Williams Carmona

Born in La Habana, Cuba in 1967, studied at the University of Fine Arts in Havana. Like many of his fellow artists, Carmona left Cuba to explore the artistic freedom available outside his homeland. Since 1991, he has lived and painted in Puerto Rico. While his early works were large and expressionistic, his more mature works have evolved into a new style; one Carmona has labeled Tropical realism. More intimate in size and subject, this new style is represented by a tightening up of the brush strokes and a specific iconography. In 1996 the artist was honored with a one-man exhibition in his adopted homeland at the Museo de las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico. That same year, Carmona was also invited to participate in the Latin American masters group exhibition, Latin ViewPoints, at the Nassau County Museum of Art, Long Island, New York.


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