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by La Dolce Vita Concept Store

Thompson Ferrier Gold Drip Candle


Each Thompson Ferrier Drip (Penis) candle is individually hand poured with a proprietary wax blend, all natural essential oils perfumed by Swiss fragrance house Givaudan and single cotton wick that provides a clean burn.

This silver candle is made of ceramic and hand finished to ensure that every detail stands out. Looking for a bold statement piece? Check out this Drip (Penis) candle and place it on your living room coffee table as a centerpiece. It's bound to be a show stopper. 

The silver Drip (Penis) candle also makes for a great witty gift for friends. I'm sure a couple people came to mind when you saw this that made you think "OMG They would love this!"

Wax Weight: 15 oz/ 425 g
Burn Time: 120-150 hours
Vessel Size: 4.5" X 6" X 3"

Femenine: Floral, gentle, sweet, rosy