Byfly - Lampdoll
Byfly - Lampdoll

Byfly - Lampdoll

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Lampdoll | If you need a friend on a cold wintry night, then the LAMPDOLL is your ideal companion. Bent at the knees, it can sit in two different positions. Its realistic form is inspired on the joint-knee dolls, and as a lamp this will be a UNIQUE object to decorate any space. To be enjoyed by adults and children alike. 

Finish - Bright White or Blue

Type piece - Lamp. 

Material - Ceramics and Glass. 

Length - 39 cm 

Width - 19 cm 

Height - 43 cm 

Weight without packaging - 2140 gr. 

Use restrictions: not suitable for microwave. Not suitable for dishwasher. 

Cable length - 250 cm 

Maximum power - 4W 

If the exterior cable is damaged should be replaced by a suitably qualified person to avoid any risk.